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About hosting HostForY

Hosting is a service to provide resources for placing information on a server that is constantly on the network (usually the Internet).

I'm sure it's not for anyone, it's not a secret, what is hosting. Each of us sooner or later comes up against the question, and what is Hosting, and which Hosting should be chosen, what to look for, what are the pros and cons, security of data, etc.

I would like to open these questions in our blog - HostFory

Yes, all is true Hosting is a set of specialized services for the operation of sites. But this is the most classic variant of using Hosting.

In the company HostFory the list of services and capabilities of the Hosting itself is very large and that most importantly it corresponds to today's trends and market requirements. Technologies and devices have given a very strong leap forward and the company HostFory has not stood aside. We want to be relevant for our customers and always keep pace with the times.

Before launching the HostFory project, we carefully analyzed the real situation on the Host-markets of Ukraine and the CIS countries. We came to a simple conclusion, today there is no host-provider that can meet the needs of the market. Namely, it is realistic for companies that today can offer at least speed in 10Gbit - no, and the corresponding equipment for implementing projects of different complexities.

The HostFory team are young guys who have been developing a hosting environment for more than ten years, who have gained experience from the very bottom and reaching the creation of their own data centers and hosting companies.

In HostFory, we started with this, because of the experience of cooperation with various data centers in Ukraine and in particular the city of Dnepr, we had different situations, both bad and good. But often there were interruptions to the network, electricity, or the problem of penetration into the server itself, because not always technical support was present on the spot, especially at night.
We created our own data center exclusively for the HostFory project. We provided our data center with an uninterruptible autonomous power supply system for 27 hours:

Direct Internet channel speed is 10Gbit, our equipment: Cisco Nexus, Juniper and FortiNet.

The choice of servers was obvious to us. We have been working with affordable and user-friendly servers for several years:

  • SuperMicro E3-1220v6
  • HP DL360p Gen 8

On the base:

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1220 v6
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2640
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2670

Also one of the key advantages is that the entire HostFory team is in the same building as the data center. We have constant access to the servers, in this case, the need we just need to go down to the floor below and eliminate all possible problems.

Speed is one of our advantages. We perfectly know how sometimes every minute and second of time is precious. We have created all the necessary conditions for providing high-quality services to our clients.

HostFory is the only true solution when choosing a hosting!




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